Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's Been A While!

I'm bound and determined to start blogging regularly!  2016 was a crazy year for our family.  After Jimmy rode the rocking horse down the stairs when he was 3 years old, they did an MRI at Children's Hospital Cincinnati.  They found a 3mm cyst/tumor on his brain. THEY NEVER TOLD US!  They did an MRI on him the next year after he nearly drowned and still did not mention it.  When Jimmy was 7 years old we were sent to Children's to have him tested for autism.  That is when the doctor told us about the cyst.  She wanted an MRI to see if it had grown.  At that time it had not grown and we were told they would just keep an eye on it.  This MRI shows when the cyst hit 10mm and they decided that it needed to be removed.  

Our original surgery date was February 3, 2016, a few weeks before they changed it to February 10th. Funny thing, at Children's Hospital, if it's not emergency surgery, they consider it elective know, like a boob job!  That meant that we would not know the time of surgery until the morning of!  Thank goodness we had an early surgery, 7am.  It was a 7 hour surgery!  More about the surgery in my next post.


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