Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Brain Surgery

His surgery was 7 hours long!  We were given a private waiting room because they knew it would be long and they didn't want us seeing other families coming and going.  We were given hourly updates, which helped!  He ended up with 4 plates in his head, which we did not know until months later when I could feel tiny bumps in the front of his head and had xrays done (it was bone remodeling).

He slept a lot the first couple of days after surgery, and only complained about pain the first day.  We were in the hospital for a total of 5 days, it would have been four days, but he had to poop before they would release him!  After the first day after surgery all he wanted to do was go home!

 I felt that in order to help with his healing, he needed to eat and his ADHD medicine killed his appetite. At the time of his surgery he was almost 12 years old and only weighed 50 pounds, he was SO skinny! I asked the nurses not to start the medicine again and here we are over a year later and he's still not on any medicine.

So ready to leave to hospital!

His cat Juliette missed him a lot!

Hanging with his big sis Sydney!

He is currently having anger issues and meltdowns at school.  He's seeing a therapist for this, but we may have to find a medicine that will help with this.  I've had to go to school many times to pick him up because of his meltdowns.  His meltdowns are really starting to interfere with school.  Any recommendations on meds?  Ways to help with his meltdowns?  I would love to keep him off of meds, but it's starting to look like he needs it.  He's also having a lot of moments of confusion, such as getting on the wrong bus at school, instead of going to glass, wandering the halls at school, referring to men as women and women as men.  On the plus side, he now weighs 77 pounds!


  1. Do some research on fish oil! We use that and Attentive Child with great results! Also I'd double check side effects of any medicines he's on for the confusion issue to make sure that isn't playing a part.

    1. Thank you! I will look into fish oil! He actually isn't on any meds at all right now. I think it could be a side effect of the brain surgery. We see the surgeon again next month