Thursday, March 9, 2017


Jimmy had been having meltdowns at school almost daily since the beginning of the year.  Though, since surgery, he has been so much better with loud noises!   What he is having problems with is remembering.  Since surgery his teachers have told me that he has regressed a lot.  He doesn't remember how to do the math that he knew before surgery, same with all his other subjects and that is when he has his meltdowns!  He gets so angry when he is given work that he doesn't know or remember how to do!  For a time I was having to pick him up from school 1-2 times a week! One time, after he got to school, I decided to color my hair.  No sooner did I get the color on my hair, I was called to pick him up from school!  I did start to realize that it was happening a lot in the mornings, so last week I started driving him to school, instead of him taking the bus.  During this time he has been much happier at school and does still grumble some doing school work, but now will ask for help.  For this part I give credit to his Therapist who has helped him with coping skills and his teachers who are more than happy to work with her on this.

His teachers are great with staying in touch with me throughout the day too.  By the time I pick him up from school, I already know what kind of day he has had!  As I told his teacher, the bus must be really rowdy, because at the beginning of the school year he WANTED to ride it!

We have a sedated MRI scheduled for next week and an appointment with his neurosurgeon during which I want to talk about his memory loss!


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